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It seems there are a lot of folks in the fediverse who play TTRPGs. So, how about some TTRPG Intros?

I play:
* D&D (most editions)
* Carbon 2185
* Star Trek Adventures
* Call of Cthlulu
* Pathfinder
* Starfinder
* Castles & Crusades
* Dungeon Crawl Classics
* Clockwork Dominion
* Shadowrun
* Power Outage

* Castles & Crusades
* D&D (most editions)
* Pathfinder
* Power Outage

I'm more old school. I don't usually do maps or miniatures. I'm also not into the "theatrical" gaming that is common on YouTube or Twitch. I prefer a good, old fashioned hack & slash or problem solving game.

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Hi, I'm JonnyNomad. I'm a geek and a coffee snob.

My days are spent engineering systems and security solutions for the cloud. My nights are spend doing, well, "other things."

I have too many hobbies:
* new tech
* old tech
* mechanical keyboards
* ttrpgs
* motorcycles
* photography
* gardening
and about a hundred other things.

I swear a lot.

I don't drink (anymore) but I'll often make references to alcohol. This may be a trigger to friends of Bill W. I apologize in advance.

I am high risk for several medical conditions due to lifestyle choices when I was younger. I don't regret those choices.

My side hustle is fighting spam. My best friend and I run a block list server and many honeypots to catch and block spammers.

I have opinions and I'm not afraid to share them.

There you go. Me, in a nutshell, more or less.

@neuromancer you might want to check the weather bot. Air quality is far from "good" right now.

I wonder if you can buy an Android phone with an Apple credit card.

Today has been a day and now the sky is angry. Just gonna sit here and stare off into oblivion while listening to the thunder.

I'm producing a Zoom based piano recital today and the thing that really stands out (aside from the kids' talent) is how shitty iPhone audio is.

For what people pay for those things, you'd think they'd have at least a functional microphone.

@antiadmin Whatcha doin' over there? Seems like there's quite a bit more federated traffic.

Oh, the monitors are 27". So, it's not like I can just toss them into a corner. I'll have to carve out some storage space in the basement for all this stuff.

New $daygig said that since the office is closed, they're going to send my new kit to the house. I was thinking that'd be the new laptop, maybe some peripherals.

So far, it's monitors, monitor arms, keyboard, rodent, trackpad, headset, Thunderbolt dock, and a couple other boxes I haven't opened.

At this point, I'm wondering if they're going to send a desk and a chair as well.

Former $daygig told me to keep my ride as a parting gift. I spent the day formatting, configuring, installing software, etc.

This is the first Mac I've had as a "personal" machine in about 10 years. Not sure I like it. I mean, as a work machine, I swore at it constantly. I find myself doing the same now that it's a personal machine. Not sure why I was expecting something different.

My Linux boxen are under no threat of replacement, that's for sure.

Last day at current $daygig is on Friday. Going out with a bang. Wearing tie dye to the last Zoom meeting. (I normally wear black)

3BB in Thailand has _every_ Huawei router on their network set to default settings. Telnet is open to the world and default root credentials haven't been changed.

And they're all actively being used by multiple bad actors.

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