Hi, I'm JonnyNomad. I'm a geek and a coffee snob.

My days are spent engineering systems and security solutions for the cloud. My nights are spend doing, well, "other things."

I have too many hobbies:
* new tech
* old tech
* mechanical keyboards
* ttrpgs
* motorcycles
* photography
* gardening
and about a hundred other things.

I swear a lot.

I don't drink (anymore) but I'll often make references to alcohol. This may be a trigger to friends of Bill W. I apologize in advance.

I am high risk for several medical conditions due to lifestyle choices when I was younger. I don't regret those choices.

My side hustle is fighting spam. My best friend and I run a block list server and many honeypots to catch and block spammers.

I have opinions and I'm not afraid to share them.

There you go. Me, in a nutshell, more or less.

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