uspol / ttrpg reference 

never split the party...

unless it's the Republican party. That would only make things better.

@neuromancer I don't know why you went back for a second session. He clearly doesn't get how the game is played.

I suggested that he catch Jim Ward's game on Twitch for a better idea of how it's meant to be played but he wasn't interested. He said he's been playing for 5 years and he is an expert DM. Unbelievable. It's kids like him that are killing the game. They'd rather play dress up and perform in front of an audience. That's not D&D.

@neuromancer Good. I've been playing RPGs longer than he's been alive. He can take his community theatre game and shove it up his ass.

He wants to take his game to Twitch and become a "professional RPGer". Fucking idiot.

@neuromancer haha. "This is a ROLEPLAYING game." He thinks he wants to play an RPG but he really wants summer stock. Fucking kids.

@neuromancer you might want to check the weather bot. Air quality is far from "good" right now.

@neuromancer I see. It's pretty cool you carry on the sword master tradition.

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