we're in tears over here, y'all. what a great day.

Holy fuck. It's been 20 years since Jason Newsted left Metallica.

(no, really, that's the version number currently going through CodeBuild)

There's a reason why my team rarely let's me do a build. My version numbers start to look like SNMP OIDs.

Now building v3.

That thing where a target rich environment drops in your lap but you can't do anything about it for another 10 hours.

Shenanigans to come.

Well, I guess I should have expected that.

We're getting join requests from fash lusers because they think"antisocial" means anti-socialist.

I'll update the "About" page to clarify, I guess. I thought we were pretty clear to begin with.

re: uspol / shenanigans 

That was apparently posted on Parler

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uspol / shenanigans 

Okay, which one of you jokers did this?


If Mitch wanted to truly end this disaster, all he has to do is pull Cruz and Hawley aside in the morning and threaten their committee assignments.

Went down to the basement for some peace and quiet so of course the cat decides this is the perfect time to detonate a low yield tactile nuke in her litter box.

why is it that I check the fedi and suddenly have a contact high?

Huh. Justify My Love. I think this is the first time I've heard this song without having sex.

I've been going through boxes in the basement today. Found a Space: 1999 box set still in the plastic.

I'm gonna binge the shit out of it. I haven't seen Space: 1999 in decades.

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